Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Weird Dream

Last night I had one of those weird dreams again..weird dreams have been occuring to me like a television series.

I was in a foreign country,probably Thailand,on a holiday with my family. However,it seems to be in the country-side but with a 6-star hotel.That's where we were staying.

One morning,I went for a long jog ~10km along the streets. I saw a lot of beautiful contry-side sights like the mountains,farms and also how the locals live.You couldn't really tell the difference if it's a foreign country and Malaysia.I remebered it was long because I saw a lot of scenaries and I was just too tired to run back the whole of it.So I was walking back home when I saw a mssive accident between a car and bull-cart.I continued walking home.

Once I reached the hotel,I had to enter from the back door.This is because apparently my family and I checked into the residential suite instead of the hotel.The entrance was waaay creepy.In fact the hotel had its own ghost stories.

So after entering the back door,I had to climb a few flight of stairs,where I met a bunch of psychos/ghosts which also appeared ala-movies,in shocking and awe manner,out of nowhere.

Once at the lobby,apparently the Residential Suite and the hotel lobby is separated by a glass wall.The hotel lobby is exquisite,beautifully decorated with original antiques.

Going up in the lift is another horror moment.Apparently first time I go up,the button's not working so the lift was just going up to pick up another passenger and then go down again.The second time around,the lift was just simply going up but never reached its destination.

The dream was too creepy I woke up.

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