Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Weird Dream

Last night I had one of those weird dreams again..weird dreams have been occuring to me like a television series.

I was in a foreign country,probably Thailand,on a holiday with my family. However,it seems to be in the country-side but with a 6-star hotel.That's where we were staying.

One morning,I went for a long jog ~10km along the streets. I saw a lot of beautiful contry-side sights like the mountains,farms and also how the locals live.You couldn't really tell the difference if it's a foreign country and Malaysia.I remebered it was long because I saw a lot of scenaries and I was just too tired to run back the whole of it.So I was walking back home when I saw a mssive accident between a car and bull-cart.I continued walking home.

Once I reached the hotel,I had to enter from the back door.This is because apparently my family and I checked into the residential suite instead of the hotel.The entrance was waaay creepy.In fact the hotel had its own ghost stories.

So after entering the back door,I had to climb a few flight of stairs,where I met a bunch of psychos/ghosts which also appeared ala-movies,in shocking and awe manner,out of nowhere.

Once at the lobby,apparently the Residential Suite and the hotel lobby is separated by a glass wall.The hotel lobby is exquisite,beautifully decorated with original antiques.

Going up in the lift is another horror moment.Apparently first time I go up,the button's not working so the lift was just going up to pick up another passenger and then go down again.The second time around,the lift was just simply going up but never reached its destination.

The dream was too creepy I woke up.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lifeless and bored

So seems like I haven't touch my blog for quite some time despite the fact that this should have been my space to vent and flare..hehe.

Yes I've been busy and all but not to the extent I can't at least touch my blog a few times in a week.

I can tell myself to be more consistent but we all know where that will all ends.

I guess I've been searching for the meaning of my existence but still by now,haven't found yet.

I guess life's about living and not so much of searching. But then, what is considered living?

Bla bla my next posting,I would have my own "thing" goin on. =)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Notes from The Lion City

I came back after 4 months away. Main reason was of course the family. Other than that, life seems to be on a hand-brake, nothing seems right. My life felt sluggish. I didn't a change of view. I would have gone for a personal holiday but budget was not in my pocket as I just signed off to start both my life and retirement insurance for the future. Other than that, I really had no business coming back to a place I spent most of my first 19 years.

With not much money in pocket, there wasn't anything much I could do in this expensive island. I basically sat at home, but all is not that bad and boredom wasn't that long. Arrived on Saturday evening, already given the rest of the day was to spend with the family.

Sunday morning was a proper lazy Sunday. A weekend morning where hot breakfast was waiting for me. Other than that, it was teh normal silence of the house, except for the ever-reliable Mom, making sure the household runs like a well-oiled engine. Everyday sure has their own thing going on. Gone are the days where weekend morning are meant for hours of cartoons for the family.

Monday was when the boredom starts sinking in.I literally had nothing to do.I would have gone and painted the town red,but budget wasn't in the allowance.I did brought some readings and writing but I never really felt like doing either of them.The only thing I could think of was going to the library and borrowing some books for a quick one day read.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


To be honest, life's not that bad. This must be just one of those days or probably weekends, where I feel kind of down and lonesome, eventhough I have a crowd around me. Crowd as in people I can just call to hangout, fact, my parents are in town.

I really don't feel like exercsing these days, what more diet. Wait, to be honest, I am doing quite alright in the dieting part. I've reduced my intakes and actually stop eating late at night. That should be a good start. Let's take things slow. I know it's not all the healthy food we're supposed to eat but at least I eat the everyday starchy food in moderation. I just don't have the drive/motivation to take it anymore than that.

I'm actually focused on my career. I actually understand the things I'd have to do to get to the next level, though I have to admit, maybe it's the environment of the office, but in a bigger chance, it's probably me, I'm not all fired up though. I mean, I'm doing all the thing required for me to become a better engineer but something pulling my heart chords and I'm quite sure it's not cholestrol. I'm doing them but not in a blazing way, if you catch my drift.

So I guess,in a traditional loser kinda way, I'm there but not really there. I'm doing things but not up to my capability,unless this is my capability, which I hope not. I just feel tired and uninspired. Maybe I just need some rest/vacation but I don't have the budget at the moment. I'll go back home next week.I just have to do this all alone,no distraction.Maybe I'll chill in Pulau Ketam myself come November,hopefully I get the Fraser Hill bungalow in December for my family,then spend some time exploring Penang with my friends.In the meantime,it's crunch time.Keep my purse string tight,focus on my career,try to resurrect my passion for losing weight.

Religion-wise,I've been great compared to the past few months.Religion's personal,it's between me and the big Guy up there so I shan't elaborate further.

Chicks-wise,I'm doing ok,or better than ok. I don't have any now but I got a few great company (as in people to hang out with) and I salute myself for having the courage to ask one of my crush out and though it didn't worked out,I know I tried.And the maturity over the years just shows cause I'm not frustrated or disappointed due to the results,fact I think at least now we're better friends. I'm already looking at the second target but with due respecdt to her, maybe I'll give some leeway time before I do anything. If not, what am I? Just jumping from one target to the other?

Where the hell is everyone in my MSN list. Can't be that they're all still asleep. It's almost noon now.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

How to make Fire from ice

In reference to one of my previous post that starts off with a quote from the movie The Edge, below is the follow up (taken from the website

Fire from ice isn’t just some dumb cliché used for high school prom themes. You can actually make fire from a piece of ice. All you need to do is form the ice into a lens shape and then use it as you would when starting a fire with any other lens. This method can be particularly handy for wintertime camping.

Get clear water. For this to work, the ice must be clear. If it’s cloudy or has other impurities, it’s not going to work. The best way to get a clear ice block is to fill up a bowl, cup, or a container made out of foil with clear lake or pond water or melted snow. Let it freeze until it forms ice.

Your block should be about 2 inches thick for this to work.

Form your lens. Use your knife to shape the ice into a lens. Remember a lens shape is thicker in the middle and narrower near the edges.

Polish your lens. After you get the rough shape of a lens, finish the shaping of it by polishing it with your hands. The heat from your hands will melt the ice enough so you get a nice smooth surface.

Start a fire. Angle your ice lens towards the sun just as you would any other lens. Focus the light on your tinder nest and watch as you make a once stupid cliché come to life.

Friday, June 12, 2009

5 Qualities of a Pencil We can Relate to

"We are all giants, raised by pygmies, who have learned to walk with perpetual mental crouch." - Robert Anton Wilson

The following is an excerpt from Paulo Coelho’s book, Like the Flowing River. I believe there will be many more paragraphs, poems, sentences from this book , just like his other books, that will inspire me, and thus be placed here in my blog as a reminder for myself.
1) We are capable of great things, buy we must never forget that there is a hand guiding our steps. We call that hand God, and He always guides us according to His will.
2) Now and then, a pencil will have to stop writing and sharpened. That makes the pencil suffer a little, but afterwards, it’s much sharper. So we, too, must learn to bear certain pains and sorrows, because they will make us a better person.
3) The pencil always allows us to use an eraser to rub out any mistakes. This means that correcting something we did is not necessarily a bad thing; it helps to keep us on the road to justice.
4) What really matters in a pencil is not its wooden exterior, but the graphite inside. So always pay attention to what is happening inside us.
5) The pencil always leaves a mark. In just the same way, we should know that everything we do in life will leave a mark, so try to be conscious of that in our every action.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why Thailand was never a Sovereign Country

"Screw the government!" - Legends of the Fall

"Screw the middle class!" - Evita

I was never good at History, eventhough I am fascinated by the stories/legends/myths that is being told in the textbooks. I guess reading and studying are two totally different issues.

However, that does not stop me from speculating why Thailand has remained the only country in the world that is never been conquered, even during World War II. Again, coming from not a History buff, readers should check my facts with their History books/encyclopedia. If it haven't rung a bell yet, I am freestyling crapping here. I am quite sure Siam was not always a peaceful place to be, they tried to kick some sweet Cambodian, Burmese, Laos and even Malaya's ass as far I could vaguely remembered.

Upon visiting Phuket last year and Pattaya this recent April, I honestly find the people very friendly, unassuming and kind. It got me thinking, If these are the attributes that meet the conquerers back then, who would want to take over this country? Furthermore, all these stressed up soldiers would be met up by
1) Massage sir?
2) Tuk2?
3) Suits for you sir?
4) Show, show, tiger show?
5) etc
Imagine if you were a soldier and you land in a country where the locals welcome you like a tourist with all these "services", would you a) feel more motivated and angry and start attacking? or b) feel surprisingly relax and surrender to this unassuming crowd and get pampered?

Thats what I thought. Thus, my submitted thesis/paper for Why Thailand was never a Sovereign Country.